IMRB 2023 Program

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02 October 2023

Chairman IMRB | CEO Mines Rescue Services South Africa

Mannas Fourie

08h15: Holistic Mine Emergency Preparedness and Response

Turkish Miners Association

Ali Emiroğlu & Hamit Özen

08h45: Turkish Mine Rescue Engagement at the February 2023 Earthquake

BBE Consulting Mine Ventilation Society

Neels van der Merwe

09h15: Simulation of Conveyor Belt and Vehicle Firesin South
African Coal Mines

Senior Vice President Compass Minerals

Allen Dupree

09h45: Training And Development of Mine Management

Marketing Manager | Segment Mining | Dräger Safety

Axel Bahr

10h15: Vehicle Supported Emergency Response Plan

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Jodi Pelders

11h15: Efficacy of gel-based body cooling garment in abnormally hot

VP Product Management MacLean Engineering

Maarten van Koppen

12h15: 2019 Lithium Battery Fire Occurred on a Suspect Battery

General Manager | Mines Rescue/Regulation & Compliance NSW

Alaster Wylie

12h45: Implementing a Wireless Emergency Response Radio System
for the NSW Coal Industry and How NSW Mines Rescue is
Assisting Mines to Enhance Their First Response Systems

Impala Platinum Limited

James Janse van Rensburg

14h00: Underground Conveyor belt fire at Impala Platinum Limited

Senior Vice President Sibanye-Stillwater

Tom van den Berg

14h30: Fatality of Rescue Team Members during Rescue Operation

Queensland Mines Rescue Services

David Carey

15h00: Risk Around Mines Entries During a Mine Explosion

Executive Deputy Director General of National Work Safety Emergency Rescue Center (NWSERC), China

Chen Yihui

15h30: Give Full Play to the Professional Edges of National Mine
Rescue Teams, Work Together in Response to Major and
Complex Mine Accidents

03 October 2023

University of Johannesburg

Jaco van Dalen

07h45: Transforming Mines Rescue with Remotely Operated Vehicles
and Virtual Reality Solutions

BGRCI Germany

Michael Heilmeier

08h15: Tactical Medical Mining Rescue – Advanced First Aid for
Mining and Remote Areas

Dräger Safety

Helge Trabert

08h45: Long Duration Breathing Apparatus Regulatory Approvals,
Certification and Quality Assurance Testing

Managing Director

Kari Lentowicz

09h45: Diamonds in the Rough: Paving the Way


George Artur Gaman

10h45: Mobile Training Systems for Mines Rescue

Executive Vice President Sibanye-Stillwater

William Taylor

11h15: Deep level Gold Mine underground Fire, Rescue & Firefighting

Agnico Eagle

Norman Ladouceur

12h15: The Importance of Mutual Aid in Emergency Response

Queensland Mine Rescue Services

David Carey

13h30: Development of the QMRS Shaft Winder

Mines Rescue Services Ukraine

Serhii Bytsko

14h30: Blackout at a Mining Enterprise